MrPadMan – Easy Step-By-Step Video Tutorials From An iPad Expert


Are you getting the most out of your iPad? Discover its full potential with MrPadMan. Follow these simple video lessons and learn your iPad inside out!

Congratulations on your smart decision to purchase an iPad. It’s an amazing piece of technology and it’s capable of so much more than just checking emails and browsing the Web. Unfortunately, since the iPad doesn’t come with a user manual, most owners never get to experience their iPad’s full potential.

Apple’s theory behind this is the fact that the iPad is so simple to use that you don’t even need a manual and that’s the reason why they don’t include it in the box. While it’s true that the iPad is quite easy and straightforward to operate, especially if you have used an iPhone in the past, but not everyone is tech-savvy and many iPad features have to be taught, because otherwise you would never know they were there!

Of course, you could spend countless hours or more like days/weeks "digging" your iPad in hope to discover more and more things, but surely there must be a quicker and easier way to get more out of your iPad?

Well, you guessed it…I’m that guy! I’ve recorded 22 in-depth video tutorials, from iPad basics to the advanced stuff. Being super-obsessed with an iPad, I’ve covered all…