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You write blog posts, or publish articles online. Or perhaps you buy articles from content writers, or accept guest posts on your blog. You get indexed by the search engines fast enough, but recently, for some unknown reason, you can’t seem to rank for any of your keywords.

That’s a real problem, because unless your article ranks, it won’t generate any traffic. And as you know, traffic equals money.

Your articles and posts aren’t ranking because they’re being ACCIDENTALLY dumped by Google, through no fault of your own, even if you wrote them from scratch! Because you haven’t spent a couple of minutes making sure your content passes Google, it’s getting lumped in with all the badly spun and badly written stuff that the Googleboys are determined to reject from the index! Even if you think your material is perfect, a few colloquial phrases or conversational paragraphs may accidentally be triggering Google’s new filters, and that is all it takes to end up on page 50, where there is ZERO TRAFFIC.

The list of things you have to do to pass the new filters is growing constantly, and that’s why we have created – to do the hard work…