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Thank you for visiting the products page at WhereTheMapEnds.com. I’m very excited about these items and hope you find them useful.

This book contains all the wisdom of my Fiction Writing Tips in a form you can take with you wherever you go. Here’s what bestselling author Donita K. Paul has to say about it:

I teach workshops on writing and am glad to add Jeff’s book to my list of recommendations. I liked it so much that I bought several to give as gifts to my writing friends. Now what better praise is there than that!

You can purchase The Art and Craft of Writing Christian Fiction here. It is also available in print or Kindle form from Amazon.

This book begins with what you do best—character creation—and grows the plot from your main character’s inner journey.

Get the writer’s help that published Christian novelists are calling "Genius!" and "like a brilliant author and editor at your elbow, helping you plan your story."

Multi-award-winning novelist Deborah Raney says, "I can’t say enough about this wonderful…